About us

Trio Toxico is a cross breed between musicians from Austria and Denmark, playing traditional and modern folk music as well as their own compositions for Bal-Folk dancing (Slängpolska, Walzer, Scottishe, Mazurka, Bourrée, Cercle Circassien, Chapelloise, Gavotte de l´Aven,…) and for listening.
The band was founded in 2011 on the way back to Austria after the festival “Klangrauschtreffen” in Northern Germany, where the three members had just recently met each other.
Since then the Trio has played at a lot of different locations around Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France…have a look at Trio Toxico’s next dates!

Roxanne Szankovich – violin & voice

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Nicolas Koch-Simms – hurdy-gurdy

Anton Hacker- double bass & voice