Toxico goes East!

Roxi und ich haben die Freude gemeinsam mit Angelika Hudler (Violine) und Wanda Leben (Cello) unsere Gastgeber auf Ihrem Weg begleiten zu dürfen….aber lest selber!

Café Olga Sánchez – On Our way to Mazurkistan

Furchtlose Gäste im einschlägigen Café werden am 20. Dezember abermals neu verführt… „Café Olga Sánchez is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you get“, hat Helfried gesagt. Bevor Olga ihr freefunkiges “ Pralinés-de- Noël – Programm“ über die Ost-Bühne jagen, nehmen die Bal Folk – Performer TOXICO des Publikum’s Tanzbein zielstrebig aufs Korn. Es freut uns ganz besonders dass sie diesen Abend mit einer Einführung in endorphinoide Kreis- und Paartänze und der entsprechend zündenden Musik beginnen werden: Scottish, Mazurka, Chapelloise, Slängpolska und Co warten auf uns – die Zeit ist reif für den großen Tanz!

TOXICO Concert & animation Bal Folk festive 21h

CAFÉ OLGA SÁNCHEZ Concert & fête dansable 22h30

Eintritt: € 12 / € 8 (Studierende)
…die Wirkstoffe von Violine, Cello, Kontrabass und Gesang – seit anno MMXI nach geheimer Rezeptur kombiniert – bringen Sie garantiert in Schwung!

Café Olga Sánchez
„Die bunteste Band in Wien, hochmusikalisch mit einer grossen Dosis Geschmack und Witz“ (Paris Vienne Festival 2013)

Videos from Eulenspiels 2nd Tanztaverne at 15.Nov.2013 are online!
watch here!

Thank You HC, for putting them online!

Eulenspiels 2nd Tanztaverne

The night is over, all dancers are gone, Roxi is in the plane on the way to India and Nico in the plane back home to Denmark, preparing his next gig on Monday, life takes its (un)usual ways again and I am sitting here, trying to write some lines to You, to describe the happenings of the last night out of the view of Trio Toxico….

Thanks to Wanda Leben and Roman Zimmerman for their great Mazurka workshop!
When I was looking into the dancing crowd during the concert, I could recognize a lot of faces from the dance course again, which is, in my opinion a good sign!
Also it was a nice view from the stage into the room, see people having fun and a great time too.
From my personal point of view it is one of the nicest ways to honour our work and music, when we can see You people dancing and having fun!

Thank You for that!

I´m also proud to be able to announce that we will have the pleasure to play another two concerts for the Eulenspiel community in the next year!
We will announce the dates as soon as possible!
We will also link the videos which H.C.Hnidek recorded for Eulenspiel as soon as as they are online!
—>Stay connected!

There are a lot of other concerts and ideas about our Trio in progress and I am really happily looking forward to when we have finished all the planning and organization work and to be able to announce new events and see You all, at one or another place again!

All the best

Klangrauschtreffen 2013 – Hösseringen/Germany

Hi out there!

Thanks for your great support at the Klangrauschtreffen 2013 in Hösseringen!
We had a great time there with you and it was amazing to play for you all!
We hope that everyone who attended Roxi’s improvisation workshop enjoyed and benefited from the time she spent with you.
We will soon put some photos and maybe live recordings of the concert, which I am already enjoying, online!
If You have some pictures or videos you would like to share with us, it would be lovely if you´d send them! Thank you!

Hope to see you soon!

All the best, Toni

Club du Mardi – Dans les jardins de l´institut francais

We proudly report that “Club du Mardi” has decided to give Trio Toxico an 50 min slot at the “fête de la musique” on the 21st of June in Vienna.
We’re going to be the last act on a nice outdoor stage and will start at 10 pm! So feel free to come around and enjoy a nice summer evening
in the garden of the “Institut Francais” with us!

Hope to meet you there!

1st Wr.Vielfalt

The 1st Wiener Vielfalt Festival, which was organized by the hungarian Dance Group Delibab, was marvellous. We were amazed by the diversity of groups who where performing that evening! The house was full of artists, every free room was filled with wardrobes for them.
I think it is a really great thing Delibab put up there, showing the liveliness of music and people living in Vienna, a city, which has been and is still an melting pot for cultures from all over the world.
Thanks for organizing this great evening and for giving us the chance to be part of it!
We´d also like to thank our marvellous dancers Manu, Sandra, Simone, Wanda and Roman for their support and great performance!


First Bachelor Concert in Hurdy Gurdy in History?

Nicolas is probably the first hurdy gurdy bachelor in history!
He played his final concert yesterday and finished his bachelor in folk music on the university of Odense/Denmark…let´s see if he plays twice as good as he did ’til now!
Congratulations Nico!


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