Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

December 30th 2015
Vienna Folk Marathon

Schwarzenberg (formerly Ost Club)
Schwarzenbergplatz 10
1040 Wien

The dancing evening starts at 7.30 p.m. and the order of the performing acts might be decided quite spontaneously! But we’ll definitely be there to amuse you! 😉

This time’s lineup:
Anton Hacker & Roxanne Szankovich with Angelika Hudler (violin)




9th of May 2015
Fête pour l´Europe – MJC Palente

24 Rue des Roses, 25000 Besançon, Frankreich

3 p.m. bal folk in the city
9 p.m. dancing evening



14th of May 2015 together with Bonifatius-Ensemble
25 Jahr Jubiläum des Musikinstrumentenmuseums Lißberg 

18h Nidderkraftwerk der OVAG (unten am Stausee)
Neudorfweg 3
63683 Ortenberg, Deutschland

20h Burghalle im Museum (bis spät in die Nacht)
Schloßgasse (neben der Kirche)
D-63683 Lißberg

Eintritt frei!




7th of May 2015
Tanzhaus Innsbruck

7 p.m.
Jugendraum Saggen
Innsbruck Falkstraße 26

27th of March 2015

Eulenspiels Tanztaverne

Centimeter VII
Währinger Gürtel 1 (at the corner to Jörgerstraße), 1180 Wien

Eulenspiel’s homepage


November 14th
Eulenspiels Tanztaverne

Centimeter bei den Stadtbahnbögen (at the corner to Jörgerstraße)
Währinger Gürtel 1
1180 Wien
entrance fee see Eulenspiel’s homepage

November 15th
2. Absichtsloses Fest

starting at 8 p.m.
Markt 22
2832 Thernberg  (Bucklige Welt / NÖ)
free donation

November 16th
International Tea

5 to 9 pm

Festsaal im Meerscheinschlößl
Mozartgasse 3
8010 Graz

+ Google Karte


…an event for intercultural exchange also but not only between students, scholars and faculty members


5th of September
“Baummärtyrer” – eine Kunstausstellung von Bernd Schaudinnus

Wehrkirche Bad Schönau (NÖ)

Roxi, Toni & Katharina – It’ll be half an hour of music to open the event! Find out more about Bernd Schaudinnus’ art:

August 22nd to 24th

Roxi & Toni with Daniela Heiderich

July 17th
Sommerabendkonzert in Bad Schönau (NÖ)

7.30 p.m.
Musikpavillon im Kurpark (in case of rain: Kultursaal im Pfarrheim)
free admission

It will be a nice evening-concert in the midst of the beautiful public gardens of Bad Schönau, a Lower-Austrian spa, that offers healthy and well tasting natural mineral water. Enjoy!

July 19th
Wackelsteinfestival 2014
Amaliendorf (NÖ)

afternoon: dancing workshop
evening: concert & bal

It’s a lovely folk festival with a broad range of musical styles in the midst of “Waldviertel’s” beautiful nature!

…for more information see the festival homepage !

June 21st
Wiener Vielfalt
International folklore festival organized by
the Hungarian cultural association Délibáb

Toni & Roxi with Angelika Hudler – we play a short concert slot and a set for dancing at about 9 p.m.


Prague Folk Marathon 2013
It seems that we´re going to the folk marathon in Prague,
there is no fixed slot when we play but according to the organizers
there should be a possibility to play a set for dancing for You!
Since Roxi has to be back in Austria during the turnover of the year,
it will be happening between the 29th and the 31st of december!
Hope to see some of You there too!


Dezember 20th
Ost Club Wien as Guests from Cafe Olga Sánchez

TOXICO Concert & animation Bal Folk festive 21h
(Roxi & Toni with Angelika Hudler Violin & Wanda Leben-Cello)
CAFÉ OLGA SÁNCHEZ Concert & fête dansable 22h30

Ost Klub Wien
Schwarzenbergplatz 10
1040 Vienna


November 15th
Eulenspiels Tanztaverne
7 p.m. admission
7.30 p.m. dancing course with Wanda Leben & Roman Zimmermann
8.30 p.m. dance evening

Centimeter VII
Währinger Gürtel 1 (at the corner to Jörgerstraße), 1180 Wien


November 9th
1. Absichtsloses Fest
(Roxi, Toni & Angelika Hudler)
starting at 8 p.m.
A-2832 Thernberg; Markt 22 (Bucklige Welt / NÖ)

dancing instructions by Wanda Leben
free donation

16-18.th August

Wurmbach 35
A-4452 Ternberg

21.st June
Fête de la musique 2013 Vienna

Club du mardi-“Dans les jardines de l´institut francais”
Währingerstraße 30
A-1190 Wien
7-9.th June
Klangrauschtreffen 2013
Museumsdorf Hösseringen/Suderburg
1st June
1st. Wiener Vielfalt Festival -Programmed by Kulturverein Delibab
Haus der Begegnung
Per Albin Hanson Siedlung
Ada Christen Gasse 2
A-1100 Wien
7.th April
Le Bal Folk Workshop @ WUK (Roxi&Toni&Guest:Wanda Leben-Cello)
Währingerstraße 59
Stiege 5/1.Stock/Initiativenraum
INFOS: Alexandra.petrovics(at)gmx(dot)at
7.th April
Tanzfest Schmelz (Roxi&Toni&Guest:Wanda Leben-Cello)
Universitätssportzentrum Halle 3-4
Auf der Schmelz 6
A-1160 Wien
1.st March
Eulenspiels Tanztaverne
Centimeter I
Lenaugasse 11
A-1080 Wien